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- When Sir Julian Huxly, a British biologist, returned from Africa in 1960 he thought of founding a world wide foundation to save the animals

- The reason : in Africa he had seen the hunting of endangered species

- One year later he founded the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund )

- Till today it became the largest privately financed international foundation around the globe

- They have more than five million members coming from more than a hundred different countries

- The main project is to save the animals and their habitat

- WWF built more than 500 parks and protected areas

- More than 4 million square km of forest habitat were protected

- WWF and China are combined to save the Chinese Pandas

- They also protect other species like tigers, rhinos and elephants


- WWF is part of the panda project with China since 1979

- They were the first international organisation to come to China to help the pandas

- The panda is also the logo of the WWF
the panda is one of the most popular animals, because of that also one of the most endangered

- its only habitat is China

- today only less than 1.600 pandas are living in freedom


- they are hunted because of their fur

- tigers became one of the most endangered species in the 20th century

- and so one of the largest projects by WWF

- in that time tigers were nearly extinct in the wild

- today there are about 5.100 till 7.500 tigers remaining in the wild

- half of them in India

- tigers are for example endangered by illegal hunting and growing human population


- rhinos are also some of the most endangered species

- its one of the largest mammal on earth

- it also has an important role in the ecosystem, for example their dung is good for the earth

- they are endangered by hunters who want their skin and horn

- another aspect is their increasing habitat

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